In the Living Room of my childhood home was my Mother's beautiful china cabinet, handmade by my Dad. There on the bottom shelf sat a blue and white checkered album next to two black bound albums. I spent hours of my childhood sitting on the floor by the china cabinet, pulling those books out, and turning each page as I dove into the stories there in front of me. 

Mom and Dad's engagements in the mountains where we have our family reunion every year. Mom's beautiful long white wedding dress that I swore I would wear someday for my wedding (but which I outgrew when I was 10!). Photos of my aunt and uncle singing at the reception. Mom and Dad dancing, something I still love watching to this day. 

Seeing the photos, and being able to match them to the real life love story I saw between them every single day was powerful. Those books still sit in my parents Living Room, and I still love going through them. Those albums are treasures! 

bring the magic home
with prints and a legacy album

When you look at your photos, you don't just love them for how they look, you love them for how they make you feel, and people remember how they felt in the moment a photo was taken. It's like an instant time machine! That is why I am here to be YOUR sidekick. You are the hero of the story! I'm just here to help you tell it in a way that will strengthen your family, bring joy to your marriage, and give your kids something to smile and laugh about in 15 years when they are looking through the family albums. 

I'm Marquette

When you face trials in your life, and like my Mom and Grandma both told me, "it's not IF you will face trials, but WHEN," I challenge you to sit on the sofa with your sweetheart or family and look through your wedding album and family photos together. I don't know any family who could do this and not be reminded of their love and the fact that they can make it through long as they have one another.

An album tells the story of your day in a way that no other product can. And it lives on to tell that story to your children and grandchildren. It strengthens marriages for generations!

The Value of Prints andAlbums

Prints are available through your photo gallery. 

I've partnered with a professional lab to make sure the prints look just like they do on screen, but to give you a good price! These are a little higher than Walmart and Walgreen's prices, but the quality is consistent and incredible!

If you are looking for a custom size not available in your gallery, let me know and we can get something put together for you!




Legacy Albums

Albums come in three sizes! 

Each album is custom designed and printed on the finest quality Fuji Crystal Archival photographic paper... 

...and bound with your choice of a beautiful crisp linen or a 100% natural Italian leather cover that is soft to the touch yet durable. 

Lay-flat pages with a protective coating allow the story of your wedding day to shine through while helping the album stand the test of time. 

Spreads are folded down the center and never cut, so centered images will still feel cool around their friends and no one is lost in the seam. 

Covers can be left blank or and optional cameo window and/or two lines of text can be engraved or embossed on the front. 

Each album is handcrafted in the USA, so every Legacy Album purchase provides local jobs and helps our economy!

8x8 album
Linen Cover
10 spreads (20 pages)
Thin Pages

The Basic Album


For when bigger is better. And it's stunning!


Most Bride and Groom's choose a 10x10!  


This is the base size included in the price and the standard size for parent albums.


Step 1: Choose your size



Step 2: Choose your cover



select cover type to see color options

Step 2: Choose your cover



* indicates distressed leathers that can show scuffs, vary in tone, and give off a "weathered" patina

+$150 for any size

select cover type to see color options

For extra oomph!

Thick pages

Up to two lines of engraved or debossed text

cover text

A picture of your choosing set in a cover window

cameo window

Step 3: Pick any Extras

+ $40

+ $40

+ $8/spread

8x8 linen cover version of same album design

Parent/gift Album

Want to expand your album?

Additional Spreads

+ $250

+ $20/spread

Step 4: order

If you are adding an album to your wedding or session before your session date, I will automatically get an initial album design put together. Upon the design completion you will be able to switch out or add photos to the design to customize it! This takes pressure off of you with the initial design, but still allows you full customizable control!

If you would like to order an album after your session, no problem! We can go two routes: 
1. I can create an initial design for the album which you will then be able to customize by switching, deleting, or adding photos. 
2. You can select the photos from your Pass+ Gallery that you would like included and I will create the design from your selection. 

Interested in ordering an album or have questions about the process or product? Please email me ( and we can get this ball rolling!

Albums typically arrive within 4 weeks of placing the final album order with the printing company.